Maximising returns from pay per click advertising campaigns on all major search engines and social media websites.

We pride ourselves on providing a PPC Management service that is second to none. We believe we are able to improve almost any campaign and deliver an exceptionally high ROI. We have the expertise in place to deliver serious results. And not just with Google AdWords either – we manage outstanding PPC campaigns on Yahoo, Bing and now Facebook. We really know each platform inside out and believe we can offer strategic campaigns for your business.

Simply put, if there's information on Pay Per Click we don't know, it ain't worth knowing! With Cambridge PPC you will have a dedicated account manager who works on your campaign from day one. None of that "Hold on, while we see who's available" business. You will be in the safe hands of our entire team as we pride ourselves on our staff and how well they work together in the background. Think of that our entire PPC team working for you. We are constantly sharing ideas and expertise to help improve ALL of our client campaigns.

Our PPC Management Process.

1. Delve into your industry and understand your company and it's objectives. Asses your competitors it's imperative to "Know thy enemy" and conclude with unique selling points to create a bespoke PPC strategy.

2. Combining years of experience accross different platforms with seriously sharp minds, we then build your PPC campaign with highly targeted keywords & ad groups, write unique ad creatives which will drive the highest quality traffic to your website.

3. We aren't done yet! Getting a new Pay Per Click campaign up & running is just the beginning for us. We monitor your campaigns daily, striving to continuously refine & expand as necessary in order to improve CPC & CTR. We try to reduce cost and drive ROI eternally higher. We really want to exceed your expectations. Expect more than you've bargained for.

We Specialise In...

Our PPC management service is second to none. We pride ourselves on being able to improve almost any campaign and deliver an exceptionally high ROI.

We Specialise In...

Developments in the Display Network in the last couple of years have transformed it into a tremendous addition to any regular pay per click campaign.

We Specialise In...

Facebook was recently named as the largest display ad serving platform in the US, showing over 297 billion ad views!

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