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Did you know that Facebook was recently named as the largest display ad serving network in the US. It displays over 297 billion ad views! "Yeah well I'm in the UK so what?" Well buddy, the UK and Europe is in exactly the same position! The beauty with social media targeting is it's pin point precision for ad delivery. Imagine if you will, deciding you only want to display your ad to single mothers between the ages of 25-32, who have an interest in origami and live within 15 miles of St Albans. Well now you can with Social Media Advertising.

The targeting offered is seriously thorough too, including: birthdays, locations, businesses, and interests or hobbies. So why not find yourself the most relevant potential consumers and place yourself directly infront of them. Careful tracking through analytics is however essential to keep an eye on that ROI as conversion tracking was recently removed. This just means a little more work on our part however, not yours.

Twitter offers more than you may think.

Doesn't immediately strike you as an advertising platform does it?! But this little hot pot of real time conversation is rife with opportunities that are growing rapidly; with the embedded search engine currently delivering 25 billion searches a month and the guys over at Twitter HQ serving up 25 Billion Search queries last year alone.

Twitter will soon be a significant platform with huge clout and we at Cambridge PPC will be ready to give our clients the perfect head start.

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Our PPC management service is second to none. We pride ourselves on being able to improve almost any campaign and deliver an exceptionally high ROI.

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Developments in the Display Network in the last couple of years have transformed it into a tremendous addition to any regular pay per click campaign.

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Facebook was recently named as the largest display ad serving platform in the US, showing over 297 billion ad views!

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